Department Activities

Our Department participates in full-time and correspondence programs for Horticulture Engineer (BSc) and Viticulture Engineer (BSc), as well as in M.Sc. programmes in horticulture, plant pathology and agricultural biotechnology. We also take part in higher education for Hungarians abroad.

We offer Plant Biochemistry and Plant Physiology as well as Plant Biotechnology in basic BSc programs. We participate in the Horticultural Engineer and Plant Doctor MSc programs with the compulsory Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology course.

BSc students specialized to our Department may take the major Horticultural Biotechnology.

Some of our courses are coupled to laboratory practicals where students get training in basic methods of micropropagation, plant physiology and genetic engineering. Our laboratories are well equipped for education and research. Most of our faculty speaks English, thus we welcome foreign students and scholars at our Department. Our diploma students are highly successful, they also participate and show good results in local and nationwide science competitions.

Our PhD programs are supervised by the Horticultural Doctoral School of our University.

Research areas at our Department are centered around stress responses in horticultural model plant species by using traditional

Within the framework of the SOCRATES-ERASMUS programme there are courses at the Faculty of Horticultural Science in English.

Our Courses for Erasmus and FAO Students in English